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National Hub Zoom  :  Leading Through a season, not only a Sunday

We’d like to invite you to the upcoming Scottish Network National Hub meeting on Wednesday 3rd June at 12.30pm – 2pm on Zoom (details below). 

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, our churches, our ministries and jobs, we’ve had to adapt what we do.  There are many things we have had to learn over the last couple of months, and it is set to continue for a while.  This is also an opportunity for the church to transform and thrive in new circumstances, bringing the good news of Jesus to a world hungrier for hope than ever before. God is at work and leading us through this change.

This Network Hub will continue the theme of 'Leadership through this season', as we seek to position our churches and organisations towards the changed world in which we live. There will be worship, prayer, connecting, input and discussion.  We believe that through our time together, we might hear the Spirit speaking to us individually, giving hope and direction in this journey into the unknown.


To aid our discussion in breakout rooms we’d invite you to read a few blogs or articles in advance, around this theme.  Firstly there is a short article from our friend Billy Kennedy (International leader of the Pioneer Network) who explores the place of online church going forward.  There are two longer articles from Andy Crouch that can be rather sobering at first read – we’d invite you to read them through the lens of positioning our churches and organisations to thrive in the coming months and years. 

You’ll find part 1 here and part 2 here.  You’ll be able to participate in the discussion groups if you haven’t read these articles – however we believe our conversations will be deeper if many of us have.  We intend to give a good proportion of the time together to these small group discussions.

We do hope many of you will be able to join us.

This hub is for leaders (senior leaders, leadership teams, emerging leaders in churches, or in Christian charities / organisations). 

Who we are

fellowship of leaders : network of churches


We see Scottish Network Churches as a fellowship of leaders and a network of churches, playing our part in the unity of the Spirit and the Kingdom movement. We meet in Local Hubs monthly, National Hubs bi-annually and our Annual Gathering. 


We sense God is calling us to develop into a networked movement in Scotland based on the apostolic role modelled by Jesus and his humble, serving, empowering, relational apostolic ministry. We want to partner with churches, leaders and ministries to further God’s mission in Scotland. 


Genuine, authentic friendship that values being together before doing together. Resourcing and welcoming others with generosity, serving the Kingdom, not building an empire. Enabling local churches and serving leaders in the mission of seeking to bring the Kingdom of Heaven in practical and relevant ways.

How we Gather

We intentionally gather together for fellowship and friendship and make no apology for the time spent relating together. We recognise the need to continually be learning from Jesus and from one another. We seek to nurture mission by encouraging missional projects, events and initiatives. 

What others say:

"Its about impacting our community".

“It’s about doing it together in the nation”.

“It’s not a franchise, we value our differences”.

“Each leader has the key for their area and we want to help them use it”.

“We want to take seriously the call to plant churches and work for justice amongst the poorest communities in Scotland.”

“We simply want to see the church in Scotland look like Jesus again”.

"I value the way we truly love Jesus but show it and live it in different ways. It’s so enriching”

“The network has given me the courage to step out and be creative in how I lead my church into the community”.

join the network:

The Scottish Network Churches is a Charitable Company Limited by guarantee.  Our Charity Number is SC041393, and our Company Number is SC375655.  Please click on these links to review our accounting history with OSCR and Companies House.

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