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The Scottish Network is offering a one year discipleship programme giving men and women of all ages and backgrounds, the opportunity to encounter God's passion for humanity. It will not only transform who you are as a person but it will equip you with the skills required to impact your world.

How is it run?

The programme is run via zoom with a number of in-person teaching days on Saturdays during the year. 

Each session includes teaching by a number of different leaders in the Scottish

Network Churches, worship, discussion, ministry and teaching notes. Seeking

the presence of God is at the very heart of the programme and we give time to

learning how to hear from him, pray and receive words of encouragement and

blessing for others.

Term 1 - Who is God? The story of God; Who is God

Term 2 - Who am I? Identity and calling; The life of a disciple

Term 3 - What am I called to? Impact your world; Rewriting the story

What does it cost?

£200 per person for the entire course which generally spans a 10 month

period. This is payable to the Scottish Network Churches who will administer

the programme. The price includes the notes provided each week.

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