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Who we are
fellowship of leaders : network of churches


Scottish Network Churches is a fellowship of leaders and a network of churches, playing our part in the transformation of Scotland by the good news of Jesus and his kingdom of justice, hope and restoration. 



We sense God is calling us to develop into a networked movement in Scotland based on Jesus and his humble, serving, empowering, relational ministry. We want to partner with churches, leaders and ministries to further God’s mission in Scotland. 



Genuine, authentic friendship that values being together before doing together. Resourcing and welcoming others with generosity, serving the Kingdom, not building an empire. Enabling local churches and serving leaders in the mission of seeking to bring the Kingdom of Heaven in practical and relevant ways.


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What others say

“The network has given me the courage to step out and be creative in how I lead my church into the community.”

“We want to take seriously the call to plant churches and work for justice amongst the poorest communities in Scotland.” 

"I value the way we truly love Jesus but show it and live it in different ways. It’s so enriching.” 

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