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We believe that every follower of Jesus, whether they have just started their journey or otherwise, should be growing and learning Christ likeness. We are passionate about facilitating that transformation in the network. 

We run a course called Ignite that seeks to reveal God’s character, his purposes and calling for you and equip you to impact the world around you with his love.

We desire to equip people to lead and influence as Christ followers whether that be in the home, community, market place or church. 

We are committed to growing in our thinking as we follow Jesus as churches and leaders. We are partnering with Westminster Theological College (WTC) to provide theological training here in Scotland. 

Dicipleship for all

Discipleship for all


We run a course called Ignite that seeks to reveal God’s character, his purposes and calling for you and equip you to impact the world around you with his love.

The Network is offering a one year discipleship programme giving men and women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to encounter God and His passion for humanity. It will not only transform who you are as a person, but it will equip you with the skills required to impact your world.


How is it run?

The programme is very flexible depending upon the situation. It can be run on a one evening a week basis (in person) hosted by a local church. Or, for example, this last year we ran a hybrid programme of in-person gatherings on three Saturdays during the year with the remainder of the programme by Zoom one evening a week. This made it accessible for people to attend froma wider area across Scotland.

Each session includes teaching by a number of different leaders in the Scottish Network Churches, worship, discussion, ministry and teaching notes.  Seeking the presence of God is at the very heart of the programme and we give time to learning how to hear from him, pray and receive words of encouragement and blessing for others.

Term 1 - Who is God? The story of God; Who is God

Term 2 - Who am I? Identity and calling; The life of a disciple

Term 3 -What am I called to? : Impact your world: Rewriting the story


What does it cost?

Ingnite introduction video with short testimonies

£200 per person for the entire course which generally spans a 10 month period. This is payable to the Scottish Network Churches who will administer the programme. The price includes the notes provided each week.

If you are interested or need some more information, please email


Phil Arbon

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Our vision..

To raise up servant hearted and non-heroic leaders who are passionate about Jesus. These leaders are curious and inquisitive and they listen more than they speak. Each leader looks and sounds different, and they come from different backgrounds, nations, generations and genders. They find themselves leading in different ways and contexts in accordance to their gifts, skills and the needs that surround them. Some plant churches, others serve in church ministries, whilst others lead in the market place ushering in the kingdom of God. They are full of the Holy Spirit and they are united in a desire to the see the transforming rule and reign of Jesus in Scotland and beyond.


Stan Lyth

I was appointed to facilitate leadership development across the network in 2021. I am passionate about releasing new leaders and seeing existing leaders grow in their own gifts for the glory of God and the transformation of Scotland. I would love to speak to you and support you in anyway I can. 


Contact Stan 


One for One
As part of my new role supporting the development of leaders, both new and established, I will be sharing one idea, question or resource that you could use for that one month.

I was 16 years old when I got my first opportunity to preach. I remember the topic - ‘The many pathways of worship’. It was incredibly well received. In retrospect this said far more about the culture and community of my church than it did about my communication skills. Around this same time I was invited onto the leadership team of the church, where I had the chance to observe and contribute to discussions and decisions. Looking back, these two invitations have had a huge impact on my life. They were the first significant steps in my now 25 years in church ministry. 

If you’re reading this article it is very likely that you find yourself, like me, on the other side of the invitation. We are those who can invite, train, support and offer opportunities to others.
So, will we? 

This month I want to invite you to invite others.
Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Be intentional. These invitations won’t happen by accident. They will happen because you plan for it and do something about it. 

  2. We have a natural bias to offer opportunities to those who are like us. Don’t beat yourself up about it - acknowledge it and act in the knowledge of it. 

  3. Give good invites. Invite people to do things they would love to do, that you love doing. 

  4. The journey with someone is more important than the outcome.

I would love to support you and your leadership team as you make your invites, so please do be in touch. I would also love to hear your invitation stories and I’m sure others would too. 
Stan Lyth

theological learning

The Scottish Network recommends validated theological study at WTC 


Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) is an interdenominational, charismatic, theological college, established in 2006 with the vision of taking rigorous and accessible Kingdom Theology into the heart of the local church. WTC's goal is to serve the church by equipping and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds for leadership, mission, and discipleship in their workplaces and in the church across the UK and, through this, to effect personal and community transformation. Their part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses are delivered in a way which means that you can study around your existing commitments and while remaining at home. 


For details of courses and contacts for the Scotland Hub please check the website: and the Scotland Hub Facebook page:

Theological Learning
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