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National gathering  :  radical hospitality

We have the first opportunity to gather together in person in 18 months! We can’t wait. 


We are emerging from a season when the doors of churches and homes have been closed, when sharing a meal with friends or strangers has been impossible. We sense as we move forward that Jesus’ example of radical hospitality speaks to us again. We’re looking forward to worshiping together, sharing stories, praying for each other and waiting on the Spirit of God. 


We recognise that we may be in different places regarding our comfort in meeting with others. Our desire is that everyone feels welcome and at ease. Please be in touch if you have any concerns or requests, we’d love to make space for you. 


Tickets are available on Eventbrite at £11 (we will absorb the Eventbrite cost)

Book your leadership team in now

Keith Short and the Scottish Network Leadership team like to invite you to our first in person event