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Come to the table - annual gathering
25th & 26th March 2022

The world might have changed and our communities too, but the invitation to sit down at Jesus’ table still remains. Abide, eat, share, rest, feast, talk, drink and listen are for us the vocabulary of encounter, restoration and celebration at the table. This Spring we invite all who are hungry, all who are thirsty, all who need to feast with Jesus and your fellow sisters and brothers to come to the table.

The gathering is a time to meet face to face with Jesus. Whatever he has for us we need it, but above all we want to be with Him.

We are delighted to announce that Patrick Regan, founder of Kintsugi Hope and author of books including ‘Honest over Silence' will be joining us. The stress of modern living is taking a significant toll on our sense of wellbeing and mental health. Patrick’s vision born out of his own experience of being overwhelmed emotionally and physically, is that churches might draw alongside their communities, not to rescue or fix people, but in humility and with love. We are delighted he is joining us and believe he has something significant to say to both leaders and churches.

For those who work during the week, you can get Saturday tickets. Please remember to bring young and developing leaders in your community with you too. The Annual Gathering is a brilliant way of making connections and building relationships. Early bird bookings close at the end of the month. 


Join us Friday night as we worship and hear Patrick Regan (founder of Kintsugi Hope) tell us his testimony of finding God in the midst of breakdown and mental health challenges. Please let us know if you are coming by booking a free ticket book on for your free ticket. 


We are required to wear masks indoors, unless exempt, under Scottish Government guidelines

We will serve hot drinks and lunch and masks don’t need to be worn while eating or drinking.

For more information, please visit CCE Community Guidelines

We will refund your ticket if you cannot attend due to covid-19

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