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Giving Opportunity - Ukraine 

A few years ago I had the privilege of visiting a wonderful Pastor and his family in L’Viv Ukraine, with my friend Dan Drapple a pastor from Prague.  The Pastors name is Andriy and he and his wife are remaining in L’Viv to minister to the people there.  However they have sent their family to Prague, where the local church has been able to find and pay for accommodation for them.  I got a call from Dan this week asking if we could help, they are able to provide accommodation but are struggling to find living expense for the family.  He has asked me if I could raise £700, which would be enough to provide the money they require for 3 months.  Are you able to help?  If you can, then please give below.  Its not a huge sum, and every little will help, and I believe that its a privilege to be able to help our Christian brothers and sisters, who are facing such huge challenges, in Ukraine.


Many thanks,


Keith Short


Donate via card or 

Bank DetailsPlease use reference Ukraine

Scottish Network Churches

The Co-Operative Bank

Account number:  6541 4880

Sort Code:  08-92-99

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