National Hub

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National Hub - times of refreshing

Wednesday, november 3rd from 12.30pm - 2pm

Nothing will stop us.
The Zoom National Hubs have enabled us to meet once a month and many of you have found it easier and more accessible to join on Zoom, than in person. This has allowed us to discuss some thought provoking topics in relevant time, but also to just journey with you.  Hearing about your church's experience during the last season and praying with leaders from all over Scotland has been enlightening and encouraging to many.

Join us Wednesday, November 3rd, for the National Hub : Times of Refreshing. Worship our God who never fails, raise each other up in prayer and find out when we will be meeting in person.

This event is for church leaders, leadership teams, youth leaders and emerging leaders in churches or in christian charities / organisations.


Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:  291 861 2367

Password:  Grace