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We had a great day connecting and contributing with others at the Annual Gathering on Friday, 26th March. We heard from different voices and contributions, a clear sense of hope amidst the reality of the season we are journeying through. Discussions were thought provoking and there is still much to think and pray about. We were refreshed with encouragement from the fellowship and Network we share. 

The following talks were recorded at the Annual Gathering - The Great Disruption  :  Signposts Towards a Future Church ?

In the interview Stuart Murray Williams explores some of the signposts of a future church, post covid. Issues such as discipleship, mission, leadership, and church are explored. It is thought provoking, engaging, and insightful - do have a watch!

Rupert Ward spoke to us on Leadership and Loss at the Annual Gathering - The Great Disruption : Signposts Towards a Future Church? He mentions the theme for the event and gives 6 Key Ideas that are very helpful to church leaders during this season we are journeying through.

Key idea 1: We are leading change in the Church

Key idea 2: All change has loss - even good change

Key idea 3: To journey through change we have to face into the loss

Key idea 4: People don't resist change - they resist loss

Key idea 5: Leaders need to empathise with loss

Key idea 6: Don't rush to quick fixes

Keith Short spoke about flourishing leaders and churches impacting communities with our deep foundation. It is hard to lead at the best of times but really hard to lead alone. He mentions the following 5 things that can help a fellowship of leaders or network of churches to flourish and Emma MacIntosh gives a testimony..

1. Partnership

2. Influence

3. Mission

4. Generosity

5. Centered

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